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There's No Place Like Home

So, what do we think of when we say the word ‘home’? A safe, cozy, familiar place filled with memories, family, and love. You will all have your own ideas of what home means to you, but how does this help us think about care options when we are either looking for care for ourselves or our loved ones? Finding the right care is an important decision, that takes time, research, and planning. Despite home care often being the most financially effective solution, this can still leave you feeling torn between the various options available. There are many different care options available but, perhaps the most prevalent is the differences between home care and care homes. Both with their own merit, we explore these options to help you make one of the hardest decisions an informed decision.

What is home care and what can you expect from a home care provider?

Commonly referred to as domiciliary care, home care services provide care to you in your own home, with tailored services to meet your individual needs, from washing and dressing to managing medication and support to access the community. Home care supports your everyday life, with key routines and normal life complimented with care scheduled at times that work for you. You can expect friendly and compassionate one to one care that supports your independence in your own home.

What does a care home offer?

Care homes vary across both residential care and nursing care. Offering accommodation and round the clock care, care homes are aimed at those with complex care needs and higher levels of supervision. You have your own bedroom which you can make homely and fill with personal effects and communal areas where you can socialise and engage in activities. It is important to consider that the one-to-one care can be stretched if there are other residents with higher care needs, and routines may not be so individualised as they meet the needs of a lot of people.

So why pick Liloom Home Care Limited?

So, as you can see, there are key benefits to home care that far outweighs that of residential care settings, aside from the financial implications. Unlike a care home, Liloom Home Care Limited provide our service users with person centred care in the comfort of their own home, complimented by supporting you to keep doing things that are important to you, from eating your favourite meal, taking a stroll around the local park, or watching your favourite TV show. Our service users receive the carers full and undivided attention during their care visit, and we offer constant reassurance to families and loved ones through openPass, where you can view care notes and see what’s happened at each visit. We know it is impossible to be there every step of the way with your loved ones, especially when life is so busy, so see this as a vital step in giving the reassurance and comfort you need.

Leaving your home can be particularly distressing for anyone, but especially for those with dementia or sensory impairment and often the prospect of leaving friends, neighbours and support groups behind can be a frightening experience. Our care teams encourage independence and promote wellbeing, making sure that you are not cut off from these vital support networks.

Liloom Home Care Limited are proud to be regulated by CQC, the regulatory authority for care services and are looking forward to receiving our first inspection and report.

As a family run home care organisation, our values are deeply rooted, and our care team is trained to the highest standards. You can rest assured that you or your loved one will be cared for as we would our own family. Planning your care we work with you, and if you choose, your families, in the care planning process to make sure you get the best possible outcomes. Let us take the stress off you, so that you can get back to enjoying the moments that matter.

If you would like to find out more about the benefits of home care and how our services can help you or your loved ones contact us today:

Call our friendly team on: 07538 053002


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